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every cool and inspiring company needs a custom website as cool and inspiring as the company itself

You want people to experience your custom website just as they would experience your physical company. It has everything to do with the values you and your company stand for and people’s first impression of your company. And remember: you can manage your people’s first impression only once.

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At uniq.design, we create unique custom website experiences for medium sized businesses by mixing three important elements together.





user experience





your unique
custom website

business personality in your unique website

Business personality has everything to do with the visual identity of your brand, which your should be part of. How do people experience your brand? And what values do you want your business to represent? We believe that the first step in designing a new online web experience of your brand (read: custom website) starts with choosing your business values and to show that what your company wants to represent. By doing this, you’ll attract the right people and inspire them to get in touch with you.

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user experience principles

When it comes to designing a custom website, we follow the rules and guides of user experience principles. This includes keeping the customer journey in mind, psychology and managing one’s experience. When talking about psychology, we mean things like visual hierarchy, usability laws, gestalt laws, cognitive load, the serial position effect, and much more of these principles.

Curious to more? I will be uploading a blog post soon where I explain more of this subject.

knowledge stack

the webflow cms for unique websites

After designing and testing, we like to build our designs in the visual canvas of Webflow. As big fans of the tool, we use Webflow to custom build your unique designs into a unique working online experience (a.k.a. custom website). From basic information blocks to complex scroll-based animation, it all happens here. Apart from this visual way of building your website, Webflow also offers the CMS functionality where you can edit texts and images, so you only have to contact me when absolutely necessary. Next to the CMS, Webflow just launched Logic where you can create automations based on input from users, for example: when filling in a form, an email will be sent to them automatically.

psychology users' visual flow